Emilio grew up surrounded by artists – his brother and sister are artists, as well as a neighbor who specialized in arts in crafts. Exposed to artwork of all kinds beginning early in life, little Emilio quickly found a passion for it himself.

Beginning as a hobby, by the time he graduated college, he decided to take his artwork seriously. He began working as an online digital illustrator, and hasn’t looked back since.

Coming from a large family of six kids, Emilio is very close with his family and also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend. In his spare time Emilio goes biking 1-2 times each week, loves spending time in the mountains, and goes camping whenever he gets the chance. His long term plan is very simple: to live a fruitful and contented life with his future family.

For Emilio, drawing is not just a job or something he does to make a living. He believes that although it’s good to make a living while doing what you love, beyond that, drawing or art is a part of him. It’s in his DNA and it’s his passion.